Feb. 2nd, 2010 08:11 pm
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All I have to say is that it's a goddamned good thing I get a new My Chem album this year.


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it's nice updating my master list, even if it's just with status changes. :D

[livejournal.com profile] drawn_to fic is about 50% done - w00t!!

today i have to work on my actual NaNo fic which is basically my table for [livejournal.com profile] bandom_100 . finally.

...omg, have i been in bandom that long? wowzer.


i'll start with my work computer! <3

i love how he's looking right at the camera. also, that he's wet....yeah. )

your turn!
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hand.splay. )

spencer.drums.rain....yeah. )

thank you, world.

ugh, boys.

Oct. 8th, 2009 07:17 am
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...is it creepy that i want shane icons? :/
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Mike Carden cut his hair.

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man, got my prompt, um, saturday? i can't remember, i was out in the sun too long yesterday. oh well.

RYAN AS A FALLEN ANGEL. god, i love it already, lol.

anyway, was kind of ridiculously flattered that a couple of people were happy that i was writing that particular prompt. flattered and worried. oh man, what if i can't deliver?


so, i tend to actually come up with plot lines out of the blue. case in point, we were in the middle of the drive home from the lake yesterday and i was all 'huzzah! - got it!'. i don't even know, you guys. also i do this thing where i write cheesy romance novel summaries of my ideas just so i don't forget them?

case in point (again):

Ryan is a fallen angel who has no idea he's, well, a fallen angel. All he has is pain in his shoulders and an ache in his chest. Turns out, Heaven wasn't really happy with the way he's been treating his souls, so they've dropped him off in the middle of Chicago with no memories and nothing but the clothes on his back. Enter Spencer Smith, reluctant nice guy and all-around dork (he keeps that last part well-hidden except to a handful of his good friends, including Jon Walker and Brendon Urie). Ryan learns a thing or two about love, earning his wings back in the process. But how does he choose between Heaven and Spencer Smith?

omg, i could totally be writing that summary for the [livejournal.com profile] harlequin_bands, right? (hmmm, they should be putting up new prompts soon, too, i think...)

anyway. i promise that my fic will not be quite as cheesy as that summary sounds and that i am actualfax really, really excited to write it.

after i finish these other two fics. geez, you guys are lucky i even finished my remix. ugh. ahaha, i'm pretty sure you can tell which one i wrote, but oh well.

<3 flist, try to have a good monday. i'm working for two days straight at dfest starting friday and then i'm off to lay on the beach in florida starting the next weekend. then two weeks after that, it's 3 days in chi-town for blink, fob, and p!atd (oh, i actually really missed you exclamation point <3 ). that's it until yaoi-con in october as i am pretty sure i will have used every single day off i have accrued so far.

wow, i'm feeling very keltie-optimistic today! *gives vibe* hope you have the same!
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but omg, i am still so very tired. and driving to work an hour or so later than i normally do made me remember exactly why i go to work when i usually do.

the convention was a success (i assume) but we'll have a lot of changes to get through for next year. also, i have a half a dozen post-convention items i will need to work through including going through my forums, my con report for the artist bazaars/contests/auctions, getting everything packed up for 2009, and prepping for 2010.

on a thoroughly awesome note, we raised $1020 for Bikers Against Child Abuse, our charity for this year. in addition, we had 2 wonderful people who donated $500 and another who donated $300 at closing ceremonies. i'm glad to be reminded that people can actually care.

finally, sometime today i have to complete my remix fic as the thoroughly awesome people at [livejournal.com profile] remixredux09 allowed me extra time. i should have worked on it yesterday, but i'm pretty sure i slept most of the day.

so, hello again lj and flist, i missed you terribly.

i, however, did not miss post-panic shenanigans *sigh* although i admit to ABSOLUTELY LOVING THE SNIPPET and looking forward to what jon and ryan produce, even if ross mostly makes me >:((( in his direction right now.
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tom petty. eric ronick. jon walker.


thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cloudlessclimes for the rip <33333333333333.
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mmmm, official versions of Black Parade B-sides, YUM.
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makes me want broadway fic *sigh*
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it sounds like ryan and keltie broke up? *sadfaces* but spencer and haley are still good? ugh, i should not be this invested in someone else's life.
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how is this shit not adorable?

apparently ross is taking advice from mikey and alicia way. srsly.
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my new haircut actually requires me to fix it. sheesh.

my kitty woke me up at 3:20, but went back to sleep after about 15 minutes.

i hate Oklahoma drivers so, so much.

this whole healthier eating thing? man, i feel better already! it's pretty sweet.

oh yeah, has anyone who pre-ordered their hey monday cd on tour received it yet?


i love the fact that when i opened my email from buzznet about my new favorites, frank iero's eyes were staring at me. also, i love the fact that i knew immediately whose eyes they were. FRAAAAAAAAAAAAANK, i miss you.

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interview with thomas dutton of forgive durden.

seriously, guys. he mentions Newsies. i thought i was the only one who ever totally flailed when that came out. ugh, i love musicals. also brendon urie on stage (in a musical) would be FANTASTIC - it's only what i've been wanting for, like, EVER.
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oh, gabe.


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