Jan. 18th, 2008 03:55 pm
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so what's up with that last MS bulletin from PatD?

i'm sooo confused....or not smoking enough hooka.
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so. i've decided i really actually like the new lyrics.

...and yes, it did take me this long to decide. :P

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omg, i cannot concentrate for shit today. i blame panic at the disco. entirely.

...and i'm so not changing any of my tags, any of them. not the photos, the bookmarks, EVERYTHING IS STAYING P!ATD, DAMMIT.

*wanders off to watch brendon urie do super mario bros. again.*


Jan. 9th, 2008 08:35 pm
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omg, panic! i love your stupid faces. srsly.

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so. getting to spend time with family. awesome.

possible panic! for new year's countdown. excellent.

patrick stump on law & order january 2nd. MFYEAH.

....i think the new year's gonna be okay. how 'bout you?

and oh man, do i ever need to get started on my year-in-review post that noone's going to read :P ....

fic rec

Dec. 10th, 2007 05:49 pm
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just finished reading [ profile] 1001cranes Only After Disaster.

it's fabulous, god. read it if you get a chance!!


Sep. 24th, 2007 01:20 pm
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look at the judges...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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this picture...there were some definite noises going on when i found it, for sure.

i don't know. it seriously makes me want to scratch my nails down his back while simultaneously biting that fleshy part at the top of his ass. is that wrong?

apparently jon is working on his campaign of 'all your vag are belong to us.' or something. because between this pic, the other sweaty and flushed chest in pink shirt, and the Kerrang pool-side pic, jon walker is steadily making his way up my 'to bone, if only in my wet dreams' list. sheesh.

so. tell me what you think. or post a pic. because i love those. :D
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so, i'm pretty sure that my love for spencersmith is about to increase a zillion-fold once we start getting some actual stills up from summerfest. because i've caught glimpses from several YT clips...

spencer drumming. omg.

i'm so going to hell.

edit: also? jon walker's looking pretty fuckin' hot as well, stylin' with the short hair.

so yeah, pics? we need to get on with that as quickly as possible. please?
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so [ profile] theaerosolkid did a random 'Brendon Urie is Fantastic' post and mentioned the panic! DVD, so of course, i just HAD TO WATCH IT this morning (work really should block websites like LJ. sheesh.) and here is what i have to note (so far):

1. jon's lisp is probably THE CUTEST THING EVER.
2. brendon urie saying 'stamina' WITH THOSE LIPS is never a bad thing.
2a. holy shit. that note he hits in camisado? holy shit. i think he surprised himself, too, tbh.
3. spencersmith + drumming. => nrrgh. ::passes out::

okay, okay, my best friend is slowly luring me into appreciating the lithe girl!ness of ryan ross and so:

4. ryan should never wear anything but TIGHT, WHITE PANTS. srsly. omg.
4a. and eyeliner because. wow. that boy has pretty, pretty eyes. (thanks, melinda, sheesh. you WILL succumb to spencersmith. soon.)
5. ryan ross should sing more. i mean, i love bren's voice, but dude. ryan has that little gravelly quality that kinda makes me weak in the knees.

6. spencersmith saying 'crazy shit' should NOT be so hot.
7. spencersmith's long, smooth arms. spencersmith's long, smooth arms drumming. ::passes out again::

8. jon walker should wear blue A LOT.

9. lips, lips, LIPS. every boy in this band has lips I WANT TO SUCK/BITE. no lie.

...and now, i think i am going to stop. i know my regular flist probably wishes i would hurry up and stop writing about this shit, but man....


10. Ryan Ross' Yes, there is on the bell argument. W00T.

now, i'm done. >.>



Apr. 4th, 2007 03:08 pm
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...i'm pretty sure i could watch the video for P!AtD's But It's Better If You Do all day.

P.S. this is all your fault, DYW, i hate you. srsly.

...okay, not really, but ::whine:: why must you do this to me, don't i have enough to obsess over already?
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so's yeah.

been reading the band!slash like a h0r ::sigh:: why, yes, obsessive is my middle name...

There Should Be A Name For Something Like This - because Brendon is adorable and smart.

Never Was A Badger So - because Brendon actually is a Hufflepuff

and finally:

The Pete Wentz Guide to Time Travel (Panic! At the Disco’s Excellent Adventure) - ...dude. come on. it's Panic! Bill & Ted Style.

my god. work is for the weak, i tell you.

edit: heh. my new icon totally blends with my layout. cools. it's by [ profile] rather_iconic btw. props, yo.


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