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have i mentioned lately how much i adore the internet? well, i do, just so's you know...

just watched the first episode of Le Chevalier D'Eon and it goes like this:

dead sister, history, conspiracy, history, swords, history, dead bodies, history, WTF!yo? sister's souls and queens talking to corpses...eh?

btw? totally loved it.

and now i must wait until February 20th to see any more episodes...*sigh*
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okay, so i just watched the first episode of Air Gear...

aaah, my belov'd Illich is back...Kaito's a jerk, but damn, he's pretty...

and OMG, accents apparently really, really do it for me because the first time Spitfire said a word, i practically squee'd out loud ...and he's really pretty too...


i'm so predictable...

but anyway, i did enjoy it, perhaps enough to pick up the first DVD when it comes out in February and until then I can catch up on the manga (because my cousin's an absoute doll and got me a Borders gift card ::love:: )


Sep. 29th, 2006 08:42 pm
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Eyeshield 21 is just...crack.

i kind of really, really like Hiruma-san.
he's wearing eyeliner, i swear, and those ears....

...off to watch episode 10 now...
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Witchblade anime.

Trinity Blood anime on the bigscreen.


life is complete.
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just watched the first episode (bittorrent is a wonderful thing, btw) of Ouran High School Host Club...and as i absolutely adore the crack-tastic manga, the anime does a damn good job in getting all that crack-y goodness across...

Things i loved:

1. The blinking arrow on the vase
2. Tamaki's long-winded, narcissistic spiel on how the club started
3. the overly-dramatic way Tamaki does, well, everything
4. ...and finally...the LIGHTBULBS, omg, the lightbulbs! pure genius that.

okay, i also really, really liked the closing theme.

that is all.
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heh. even though i've seen like 40 eps of it already, i just saw an officiat geneon promo for Kyo Kara Maoh! and dude, i have to say that's one of the best promos i've seen for a domesticated release, ever.

it doesn't hurt that that the damn show is so friggin' cute it hurts...i mean it actually hurts on occasion...

that is all.

for now....


oh yeah...

have i mentioned that Gankutsuo is absolute, guaranteed, one-of-a-kind luuuuuurv?

well...it is.


Jan. 13th, 2006 11:58 pm
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just finished ep 12 of Loveless...

left that open-ended as hell, didn't they?


Nov. 24th, 2005 03:26 pm
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finally got around to watching some fansubs i downloaded eons ago...

OMG. Bleach absolutely rocks...why, oh why, did it take me so long to finally watch this?

heh. i shouted when the last frame for ep 1 came up, the little info stuff being typed across the screen - Kurozaki (not right, i know) Ichigo - high school student and...*flash to black screen* DEATH GOD!

heh. i shouted 'yeah!!' really loud...*giggle* good thing everyone's out of the house...
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erk. finally getting to see the rest of this series, so i've made it thru operation five and oh man, episode 25?

poor, poor Quatre...sheesh.

i have to say there are some absolutely emotional moments...

zechs: so this is space...it's quiet here

trowa (when he blows up Deathscythe): there's water in here...those are my tears...
oh, trowa...

quatre (pretty much all of episode 25):these are my tears, but i am not sad. and when he's crying out for heero to save trowa...
damn it, q, snap out of it!!!

so of course, i finished disc five and had some maaaad cravings for gw!fic...which was nice because it was my second slashfandom and a total obsession (most of the saved fics on my computer are gw, lol)

anyway, i can't wait to catch the rest of the series (provided i can do it before the guy comes in to pay for the rest of it, :P )...but i am going to have to order it, must, must, must have it...

...so i guess i should actually try to pretend i'm working today...
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oh man, Fullmetal Alchemist started again on CN last night...

**possible spoiler alert** )

...is it wrong to be so involved in a cartoon?...

*is debating whether or not to just buy the import, but oh man, i do so love the AVAs for this one...*
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just a short entry because this week/weekend has been hell....

Anime )

Manga )

Harry Potter/Other Reading )

...actually, i'm going to bed...week was...hell...

oh, and dustin! i really am coming back, i promise...


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