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what is it that makes them love to tease us so?
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i don't know where the hell i got it, but i'm kind of love with In the Jungle with Baloo - 50 cent vs the Jungle Book.

seriously. looooooove.
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It's the year I rediscovered how much I love music, live music especially. I spent most of my college years hitting the local pub, seeing many a local and not so local anymore (oh, Bowling For Soup, how I miss you *sigh*), but for some reason, after that, I kind of lost touch with it. Graduating, working, moving to places that didn't really support a good local scene. Then in 2004 my brother asked me (again) to move to Tulsa, OK and I finally did. La, la, a few years pass, I go to dfest five months after I move here. I am happy, but I still don't make a concerted effort to seek out music.

Fast forward three years - AFI decides to stop here at the cain's, date: February 15, 2007.

the press of the bodies

the lights coming up

davey havok's face framed in the vee of the arms of the person before me

It's home.

We stumbled out of the venue and I remember distinctly saying/thinking/wanting this is going to be the summer of music. And now 11 months later, half my wardrobe is band t-shirts, I've got a shoe box full of ticket stubs and too many memories to count.

see how it went from there )

So, yeah. That was my year.

Here's to 2008, I welcome you with open arms.

Next: Part II - Bandom & My Flist (or, Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Stalking Other People's LiveJournals)
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man, the string quartet's version of my chem's early sunsets over monroeville just came on, and it's the first time i've really listened to it....

it's beautiful, omg, sooooo gorgeous. i may have to put it on repeat. *happy sigh*
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Well, My Chem and FOB got nos. 25 & 42, respectively, for Teenagers and This Ain't A Scene on the 100 Best Songs of the Year list.

...i was going to say it'd be cool to hear the others on the list i'm not familiar with (most of them, lol) and then i saw this: hear these at rollingstone.com/bestof2007. so.

*wanders off to listen*


Dec. 7th, 2007 04:37 pm
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so from what i can see, the only noms we (FBR/DD & MyChem) got for the Grammys was for Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package (My Chemical Romance & Panic! At the Disco)...although the PWTs has Hey There Delilah nominated for Song of the Year.

interesting, ne? discuss.
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so. pete's newest little band of weemos? pretty friggin' adorable, no lie.

just for the record, we got a nice little a capella version of A Whole New World.

support! support! go see them for yourselves - buy the clothes pins! mitch worked really hard on them, okay?

oh, boys.
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so i kind of adore the new cobra album (shut up, i know i'm behind okay?). but as much fun as Guilty Pleasure, Smile for the Paparazzi, and Scandalous are to sing really, REALLY loudly in my car, so far the songs i really LOVE are the slower ones (One Day Robots Will Cry & The World Has Its Shine (But I Would Drop It On A Dime)). IDEK, guys. *sigh*



*i got a new car. she is ADORABLE. srsly.

*MCR EXISTS: mikey's new (sortof) HOTASS status, ray toro and KYLIE MINOGUE KAROAKE, frank being continuously ADORABLE, bobbryarQUITGETTINGHURTDAMMIT, GeeWay and his propensity for MIMING the act of JACKING OFF, and matt cortez HITTING ON ALL THE HOT BLONDES (i consider him a default member by now dudes).

*Middle of Summer on my mp3 player (IDK, okay? i just kind of really adore that song. *is stupid hopeless romantic*)

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[livejournal.com profile] fallingfortruth got me a ticket to see Aiden this week at The Door in Dallas and me and her and [livejournal.com profile] the_staci hopped in the car and went.


all the way through 1997 (jesus, every single one of these guys - and girl!- is cute. i totally have a crush on Kevin, the lead singer now. we hung out after the show and he's a total sweetheart, too), Still Remains (omg, i've found my new angry music), and Drop Dead Gorgeous (more awesomely angry music and a young -mostly clean- Bert McCracken look-a-like) and finally Aiden, this was easily, easily one of the best concerts i've ever been to. SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS. IF YOU GET A CHANCE TO SEE THIS TOUR, GO. GO LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Wil is like fire on stage. He loves this shit and it shows. I mean, 1997 came out on stage like it was the end of the world, omg, and it just continued for the next 3 hours. FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS, THE ENERGY OF THE BANDS, THE CROWD, JUST OMG.

[livejournal.com profile] the_staci had someone land on her face and she bled and i got kicked in the head so bad, the guitarist got on his knees to ask if i was okay and all [livejournal.com profile] fallingfortruth has left of her glasses is the earpiece and one lens.


Fuckin' A, dude, my throat is raw and we stank to high heaven on the way home and i took pictures with random people i didn't know and the girls talked porn ALL THE WAY HOME, and it was seriously one of the best nights ever. Ever, flist.

I love you guys, I love music, and i still woke up at 9am after going to bed at 4 but I LOVE THE WORLD RIGHT NOW.

So. I'm going to make some hot tea, chill out, and start writing for my fic challenges because damn, it's on.
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oh how i love my boys...find out why.

...if nothing else for the little 'trying not to laugh' bit in the middle of the song


Sep. 25th, 2007 01:05 pm
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is it just me or does The Used's Paralyzed sound kinda like a Panic! song? or barring that, like it could have maybe come off of TBP?

just random thoughts....
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oh gabe saporta, my love for you continues to grow....

see why here
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um, so who has a copy of Akon's cover of The Take Over, The Break's Over?



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The Gym Class Heroes' song Cupid's Chokehold hit No. 1 this week!

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i ordered FOB's Take This To Your Grave as well as The Academy Is...Santi a couple of weeks ago and just recently received them.

First thoughts:

"Damn, Pete, bitter much?"

...that and i nearly spit up my coke when i heard these lyrics: ...when you wrap your car around a tree/Your makeup looks so great next to his teeth

no, really. i nearly spit up on myself laughing so hard. dude.

huh. well, now i know where the "stay gold" theme comes from. cool.

Second Thoughts/Favorites:

I absolutely *adore* Grand Theft Autumn, it's the reason i purchased the album, first of all, that and have you seen Patrick in that video? ::brain melt::

Chicago is so Two Years Ago is probably my second favorite song (as of right now anyway)...i just really like the way the song is put together.

Grenade Jumper is, like, an extremely clever, clever title for a song about friends (to me at least)...if it is indeed about askheychris, then it is very sad seeing as to all the shit that's gone on since then, but still. fantastic title.

...that is all for now because i really, really need to get some work done this week.
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could you make it any harder to read the lyrics for Santi?

::grabs magnifying glass::
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I've decided my new favourite song is "Hum Hallelujah" off of Fall Out Boy's new album Infinity on High.

...and that there's at least one damn good line in each song. at least one, if not six or seven.

i'm in love.
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Upon repeated play, my thoughts so far on Infinity On High:

I love "This Ain't a Scene...," no doubt, it was the main reason i wanted this album...

"Thnks fr th Mmrs" is so damn catchy it *kills* me, I absolutely adore it...

"Bang the Doldrums" is next...

But the more I listen to "Thriller," the more it moves up on this list...i think i'm in love with Patrick's voice on this song (well, more than i already was because i really, really am)...

"Golden" i am not impressed with, seems out of place, but then i guess every album needs a melancholic slow song...

...other comments to come...

edit: i thought i loved you, but it's just how you looked in the light - Hum Hallelujah.

...oh, come on, that's fantastic.


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