Jan. 18th, 2007 08:15 pm
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just finished volumes 2 & 3 of La, this manga is just...eloquent seems to be the only word I can come up with...

Other manga purchased this month include (* = have read):

Close the Last Door vol. 1*
After School Nightmare vols. 1*-2 (can i get a poster of the color page in vol.1? please god.)
Offbeat vol. 2*
Pet Shop of Horrors vols. 3-9*
Tramps Like Us vol. 5*
Fruits Basket vol. 15*
Day of Revolution vols. 1-2*
Princess Princess vol. 1*
Cafe Kichijouji de vols. 2-3*
Hands Off vol. 8 (last one *sad* )
Satisfaction Guaranteed vol. 2
Shout Out Loud vol. 1
Crimson Hero vol. 2
Saiyuki Reload vol. 5*

currently in the mail:
Little Butterfly vol. 3
Loveless vol. 3
Only The Ring Finger Knows*

To get this weekend: Saiyuki Reload vol. 6 (w00t!)

And dammit, why can't March get here earlier so I can get my copy of The Summit vol. 1?

huh. no wonder i've earned 2 personal shopping days this month. yikes. oh yeah, and i ordered Animundi: Dark Alchemist too.

...i'm the very epitome of consumerism, i swear.

this is what happens people, when one has no self control and a little extra cash.

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just found this drabble and it confirms how i feel about Saiyuki...which reminds me, i finally finished the last 4 discs of the first series the other night...oh, Homura...i hate it when this shit happens to Goku, it's like the Snowdrop arc in the manga, argh, makes me tear up thinking about it...and the panels with the bird...shit. 'nuff now.

damn, just called Borders and they don't have Reload #6 in yet *grrrr*...which is probably a good thing, seeing the amount of moolah i've spent in the last two weeks on manga *reminds self to post list of everything i bought later*

what exactly is meta anyway? you know, just so's i'm clear and all...

i think i'm done with the rambly (is that even a word? i know, i know, rambling) post...
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Manga does a bounceback, i found, over at MangaBlog with Fruits Basket moving up 100 spaces and Naruto zipping up 87 spots.

Manga!Manga!Manga! will rule the world one day and therefore as an obsessive minion of its power, so will I!! hahahahahahahaha-*cough*...right. i'll just be over here...
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This is kinda cool. really cool, in fact, when you sit back and think about it.


Oct. 26th, 2006 07:19 pm
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Hochuuami's Denkou Sekka Boys chapter 9...

FINALLY! sheesh, you boys are so slow!


Aug. 7th, 2006 07:52 am
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DramaQueen is once more kicking @$$ with its licensing choices...they announced at Otakon that they'd licensed Not/Love which was on YD not so long ago - gorgeous art and angst!angst!angst!

i adore DramaQueen.

that is all.
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ooh! re-read saiyuki and reload since my friend purchased RL#4 and i wanted to refresh myself. anyway, a couple of thoughts:

1. The Fearsome Foursome (heh.)
Gojyo is teh sex. (duh) followed closely by Sanzo (especially when he's got the top part of his robes down and those armwarmer-thingys are just omgtehhawt), then Hakkai (who's got to have the prettiest eyes ever although i adore the way minekura-san draws Gojyo and Kougaiji's eyelashes. ::gurgle::) and then Goku (but only in youkai form because...dude.)

okay, enough fangirling (sorry.)

2. Volume 7 (& 8!)
IMHO, Saiyuki #7 is hands-down the best volume of the original series (followed closely by #8 because it continues that storyline)...the repartee between Sanzo and Gojyo is bloody fantastic, Hakkai taking off his limiters is...just...ack. (and btw, how come he's the only youkai -so far- who's bodymarks cover his whole body, did anyone else notice that, and what does it mean exactly - is it because he's a human who turned youkai or is there something more that minekura-san hasn't let us in on yet, or have i just missed this little tidbit of information somewhere?)

where was i? oh yeah, volume 7.

Chapter 42 - 10 Years Ago.
holy cow. tidbits of backstory. panels with no words that convey such a depth of emotion that it tears me apart. Probably my second favorite pages of art for this reason (there's one more that's even better, but i'm fixing to talk about that one)

but dude. those three little panels where Goku is trying to reach the bird? Just out of reach, the desperation there...geez...and then his utter despair as he cries out like only children can...sheesh, it hurts just thinking about it...

As far as #8 goes, i just totally adore the way the party falls apart without gojyo there, even level-headed Hakkai gets a little testy...and ::flails:: the pillow in Sanzo's face? perfect, just perfect.

it's kind of funny because i meant to post when i had originally read these two volumes but never got around to they (mostly #7) have so many post-its with notes to comment about it's hard to read the darn book. (Sanzo: "That's pretty tacky decoration, your head." ::flurgle:: )

waaaaaaay too many notes...

3. Saiyuki Reload #1 - Snow Drop[2]


I just...this whole storyline is a killer...from the beginning where there's this little piece of hope and then in the next few pages you see that it's not going to last, like something is going to happen and you're powerless to stop it and you can't stop reading even though it's going to hurt....

i have the hardest time reading this arc and truth be told, last night is the first time i've reread that particular volume since i purchased it when it came out....because truthfully?

i can't handle it.

there's a section almost to the end of the second part where there are exactly 4 horizontal panels spread over 2 pages that convey such emotion and heartbreak and inevitability which are then followed by a three panel page with Goku reacting in the only way that the truly innocent can...

i literally have to put the @$%# book down.

it makes my heart physically ache to go through this particular section of the book...and when Goku asks "I wonder how he felt, having to dig those graves by himself" (geez. i'm about to cry just thinking about it, argh.)

this section alone, makes Saiyuki and Minekura-san a solid contender for the top spot on my favorites list (it and Fruits Basket battle each other constantly, lol, omg - can you image Kyon-Kyon with The Boys? or even Ayame-kun and Sanzo? ha. hahahaha. i think my brain just broke.)


4. Burial Arc
i think i put everything into the stuff above, so all i've got to say is - Backstory.




C&P-ed from another blog...and it changed my damn to symbols on the paste...interesting.


huh (again).

longest friggin' post ever. i think. should cut it, but it happens so rarely for me....
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oh my. color pages. right at the start...

*stares at sleeping gojyo*

it may take me a while to actually make it to the rest of the manga ...

actually starting the manga...
heh. tag-team-Kougaiji-beating time. i love this crew.

pg. 67 - could Kou get any hotter?!? *loss of coherent thought patterns*

upon regaining some semblance of regular brain function...
omgomgomg. Mini-Goku. so...stinkin'...adorable... *killed by cuteness*

act 13.5 "Anniversary" - heh. heh heh. *mad laughter* oh man, i bow down to minekura-sensei "it doesn't look important. just toss the thing." Oh, Doku, Doku...

...ukoku...sanzo...goku...damn, this shit get better every time....



has anybody scanlated Gaiden yet? i know minekura-sensei started it back up recently, but what about the stuff that was already done?...'cuz i soooo wanna get a hold of somma that...
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yay, for manga!! even though i've not read the series yet, this makes me happy!!

go manga!!

*mutters*...come on Fruits Basket #13, you can do it...


Feb. 28th, 2006 09:17 pm
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Blu picked up Gerard et Jacques! total SQUEEEEE moment!

more!more!more!must have more fumi yoshinaga, more i SAY!!!


erm, can you tell i like this manga-ka?
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Ouran High School Host Club is teh crack.

that is all.
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i've only read the first two chapter of Cafe Kichijouji de vol. 1, but holy hell there is much teh crack-ness...

*heads off to finish*
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Saiyuki Reload vol.2
Fruits Basket vol.12 (oi, i read 9 volumes on saturday, then went to borders sunday morning to read 10 & 11, and then went today to buy vol.12...addicted anyone? bueller? bueller?), it's a wonder anybody's gonna get anything for christmas...

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it's mine.

i finally have my grubby little paws on it. Saiyuki Reload vol. 1

it's mine. FINALLY.
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just a short entry because this week/weekend has been hell....

Anime )

Manga )

Harry Potter/Other Reading )

...actually, i'm going to bed...week was...hell...

oh, and dustin! i really am coming back, i promise...


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