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I need 2x5 pr0n.



GW Re-read

Oct. 5th, 2006 08:27 am
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So...was going through my favorites folder in my fanfiction folder on my toolbar and re-reading them (since it's been ages since I've had my computer) and last night it was Gundam Wing:

Low by UtopiaDoesn'tExist.

I have to say, I love this story, like, ALOT. UDE's writing is no frills and she makes it work beautifully (::moment of envy:: okay, done.)

Makes sure you read the warning and stuff at the top of the first chapter just in case some of it isn't your thing. There's nothing extremely explicit, like I said, clean, concise writing, but there is one thing you'll need to pay attention to.

...and even though I know it will probably never happen, but damn wouldn't I love to see what might happen 4 years later?

edit: dammit, i nearly got sucked into reading it again while checking to see if the link worked...


Dec. 1st, 2005 10:32 pm
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man, watching gundam wing is making my gw!fic obsession come back...

i am seriously in need of some 2x5 or 1x2x5 (heh) or any good flat-out all-gw!boy orgy fics...

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dude. Dorothy kind of scares me...

and i'm pretty sure i want my own beam cannon....ohhh yeah...

lmao, the look Relena gives Heero and the end of episode 30 - "what am i gonna do with you?" - is totally classic, i loved it!


that's all on the whole gw front for now...
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Deathscythe Hell looks wicked.
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erk. finally getting to see the rest of this series, so i've made it thru operation five and oh man, episode 25?

poor, poor Quatre...sheesh.

i have to say there are some absolutely emotional moments...

zechs: so this is space...it's quiet here

trowa (when he blows up Deathscythe): there's water in here...those are my tears...
oh, trowa...

quatre (pretty much all of episode 25):these are my tears, but i am not sad. and when he's crying out for heero to save trowa...
damn it, q, snap out of it!!!

so of course, i finished disc five and had some maaaad cravings for gw!fic...which was nice because it was my second slashfandom and a total obsession (most of the saved fics on my computer are gw, lol)

anyway, i can't wait to catch the rest of the series (provided i can do it before the guy comes in to pay for the rest of it, :P )...but i am going to have to order it, must, must, must have it...

...so i guess i should actually try to pretend i'm working today...


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