Apr. 21st, 2008 05:56 pm
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AP Magazine Cover [June 2008]
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from cobra's myspace blogs:

This Thursday on MTV’s TRL television program our beloved Cobra’s will be making yet another appearance to help christen the first ever TRL ’Awesomely 80’s Style’ Prom! Check your local listings! They will be playing two original tunes as well as a few gnarly 80’s cover songs!

...why do i have to work again? blargh.

oh yeah...

Feb. 26th, 2008 10:15 am
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i got my cobra poster yesterday. :D :D
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i just saved my first two pics of metro station. *sigh*

we got home an hour ago, i should totally be in bed. but, alas, i had to feed my internet addiction. ugh.

i have almost no voice. which makes talking & singing AWESOME.

also, gabe totally ganked my drink at the afterparty....and then i ganked it back >_> have i mentioned how much i love my life sometimes?

edit: metro's new video for control pretty much confirms, well, everything really. :D

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Shailaja's recap, which includes, but is not limited to:
&hearts many unnecessary references to bathrooms
&hearts the phrase no lie written entirely too much
&hearts the realization that i'm a pervy old woman *sigh*

...oh yeah, KICK ASS MUSIC (but shitty pics, yo).

some day robots will cry...sunday was NOT that day )

let me know what you thought!

edit: hey! go check out [ profile] slashxmistress' pics from this concert! and her video of the cab babies!!
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hopefully, i'll put a longer one together when after i drive my four hours home and HAVE THE HOTTEST SHOWER OF MY LIFE (winter tours, why?)

the cab
oh my precious babies, i want to hug them all and never let go. 3 song acoustic set in which singer really looked like all he wanted to do was sleep. ian was, well, ian. that should explain it all.

we the kings
OMG, YOU GUYS. THE GUYS NAILED IT. WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS FROM THEIR ALBUM. A++++++++ WOULD ROCK AGAIN. (also, everyone's correct, really unfortunate hair.)

metro station
fuckers. too fucking catchy. also, mason is kind of dork. cute. but dorky. A++ will totally go see them again to dance my ass off to their FUCKIN' CATCHY TUNES.

cobra starship



i. i just. i kind of adore this band. A WHOLE LOT. and they all are kind of really, really ridiculously good-looking. i mean, i couldn't look alex suarez in the face too long, it was kind of like the sun. nnnngh. and ryland! is tall! and was scruffy! and has an awesome smile (and hug!) i think gabe would sign shit for hours, really, if he could. nate is shorter than me. huh. also hot, duh. no vickyt after the show. BUT THE SHOW, YOU GUYS. A+++++++++++++++++++ TO INFINITY.

okay, really. hopefully i'll put a few more coherent words together later this afternoon to let you know about hanging with lj buddies and cash (oh, cash, my inappropriate crush on you kind of quadrupled. thanks a lot, ugh).

needless to say, i think my toes are still cold and i sound like a frog. but all in all, an absolutely fucking fantastic time :D


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